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Germany has a long history of sharing its rich culture with the world. As a leading member of the modern European Union the country continues to be extremely influential. In fields such as literature, film making, and music German culture is respected throughout the world.

Germany has traditionally been a nation of book lovers, and the country has produced some important writers. Philosophical thought has advanced greatly through the works of Marx, Nietzsche, Kant, and Weber, and literature in general has benefited from the writings of Goethe, Brecht, and the brothers Grimm. German publishers annually publish over seven hundred million copies of books, and the Frankfurt Book Fair is widely regarded as being one of the most important literary events in the world.

Germany has built on its heritage of literature and knowledge with some highly respected universities in cities such as Berlin and Munich. In addition to philosophy and politics, Germany has a rich history of scientific advancement, with figures such as Einstein, Fahrenheit, and Gutenberg leading the way.

The creative arts are equally as popular, with many influential works of film and music having being produced. Cinema is hugely important in Germany, as the annual Berlin Film Festival highlights. The country has produced world famous directors such as Lang, Wenders, and Herzog, as well as actors such as Marlene Dietrich.

In music, German culture is unsurpassed in terms of classical compositions. German geniuses such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Wagner, Handel, Brahms, and Mendelssohn gave the world beautiful, enchanting music that is still enjoyed by modern concert audiences in opera houses throughout the country. Other styles of music are also popular, with the combined Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals being one of the largest musical events in the world. Festivals in general are a big part of the culture in Germany, with Oktoberfest being the prime example.

Sport is massively popular throughout the European Union, and Germany is no exception. Athletes such as Michael Schumacher and Boris Becker have achieved hero status, and the national soccer team has won the World Cup on three separate occasions. The country has also hosted the summer Olympic games twice and the winter Olympics once.

Culture in Germany is as strong as it has ever been. The country is now an important player in the European Union, and its influence shows no signs of abating. There is no question that the world has benefited greatly from embracing German culture.