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Study in Europe

If you are considering a course of study at university, then making your base in a European city is well worth thinking about. Top ranking universities offer an unrivalled number of undergraduate and post graduate courses in a wide variety of academic areas. Whether you intend to study science, law, arts or business there will be a course to suit you at a good number of European universities. So, the question is where in Europe is best to pursue your academic career?

With so much choice it can seem a little overwhelming at first. What you ought to be thinking about is a location that you can explore Europe from, a centre of academic excellence and, if possible, a site that has some history associated with it. The University of Goettingen, situated in Lower Saxony in Germany, is just about the most centrally located place of learning in Europe. If you are new to central Europe, there are few better locations to choose.

Goettingen’s famous seat of learning dates back to 1734 and had a developing reputation as a centre of excellence through the 18th and 18th centuries. Nowadays, the university is ranked as the best in all of Germany and one of the most favoured in the whole of the continent. Students are attracted to the university from all over the globe, including many from within the European Union, under the Erasmus exchange programme. For students that live outside the EU’s borders Goettingen offers bilateral exchange programmes with a number of other academic institutions. These include Sydney’s University of Technology, Berkley in the United States as well as Chinese and Japanese universities.

With a justified reputation for attracting high quality students the world over, Goettingen has a number of research schools that also have a global presence. Life sciences are an area of strength and include research that has led to advances with neuroscience, ecology and molecular biology. In terms of social science, the accent is on German studies, Orientalism and theology. The faculties include philosophy, agriculture, forestry, mathematics, chemistry and geo-sciences among others.

For any student, central to their study programme will be access to a top quality library. Goettingen’s state library is available to students and boasts over 4 million titles. The library houses many rare and precious manuscripts along with an academic database on CD-ROMS. The collection is completed by large number of audiovisual and spoken word media.

Study is one thing, but a social life at the campus is also an important consideration for overseas students. There plenty of social institutions to become involved with, including sports clubs and popular volunteer programmes that focus on environmental protection. There is no need to be bored at times when your studies are not occupying you!